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PART 2 - 3/8/01 Public Input Workshop
discussion summary

1. Traffic Conflicts
Double parking at traffic generators
 Truck circulation and loading

2. Sidewalks
Lack of sidewalks connecting to parks
Need for new pedestrian paths

1. Waterfront Access
Extend sidewalks to the waterfront
Develop new road from Senasqua Park to Half Moon Bay

2. Public Transportation
Extend route of #14 line into Metro-North station
Provide additional commuter buses
Arrange bus service for senior to and from food stores

3. Traffic Calming
Enforce speed limit at Riverside Avenue
Construct neckdowns at street corners to discourage parking
Lower speed limits where possible

4. Appearance
Encourage tree planting and landscaping at Metro-North Station

discussion summary
parks & recreation

Hudson and Croton Rivers
Parks, preserves, and trails
History of Croton along waterfront
Variety of terrain and natural features
Boating recreation, Ferry Sloops
New waterfront park (former Sepreio property)

1. Waterfront Access and Facilities
Improve pedestrian access to Hudson River
More facilities for transient boaters
More recreational amenities and facilities that are income-generating uses

2. Parks and Trails
Park maintenance (Duck Pond, for example)
Lack of pedestrian connections to trails, walkways, sidewalks
 Better signage for trails and parks
Trail maintenance, especially at Croton Gorge

3. General Issues
Address safety issues with walkways on side of narrow roads
Provide variety of recreational facilities
Designate areas in Village for dog runs

1. Waterfront Access and Facilities
Accommodate a variety of uses at Village waterfront property
Ferry Sloops dock
Snack bar, small restaurant
Dog run
Path along waterfront, to accommodate bikes, roller bladders, “fitness stations” for joggers
Fishing school on the waterfront
Temporary docking site (floating dock?) for transient boaters
Tie Croton North Station building into new waterfront park; consider adaptive reuse (possibly a restaurant)

2. Parks and Trails
Link parks with network of trails (off road where possible)
Develop maintenance plan for trails, especially Croton River Gorge
Trail signage: include map of trail system in sign to orient people
Croton Point Park history; preserve and emphasize historic value of the park to attract more tourists
Place other recreational facilities (new skating, ballfields, tennis) further inland possibly near schools, not on the waterfront.
Develop park maintenance plan, especially for Duck Pond Park
discussion summary              

housing & Community facilities                                                  

Variety of housing
“Greenwich Village of Westchester”

Potential for tear-downs and overbuilding on small lots
Need for affordable housing options for younger families, services personnel and senior residents
High property taxes
High demand for housing (rental and ownership)

1. Housing Options
Encourage rental units in commercial areas to meet demand for rental units and enliven retail districts

2. Zoning and Design
Limit expansion of institutional uses, e.g. through special permit process
Review and address zoning code inconsistencies
Develop zoning controls to avoid overbuilding and teardowns on individual lots
Develop design controls that encourage architecturally attractive housing design
 Consider a review of the accessory apartments law due to enforcement difficulties
workshop participants

Mayor Robert W. Elliott         Trustees:       Georgianna Grant                        
                                                        James Harkins                   
Village Manager Richard F. Herbek               Deborah McCarthy                
Comprehensive Plan Committee            Buckhurst, Fish & Jacquemart:   
Ann Gallelli, Chairperson                               Paul Buckhurst                  
Paul Doyle                                              Georges Jacquemart              
Roger Solymosy                                  Bonnie Braine                   
                                                        Elana Vatsky Mass                       
Village Residents:                                                      
Mark    Anton                                                   
R Bailey                                                        
Barbara Buske                                                   
Portia  Clark                                                   
Thomas Dinkler                                                  
Alice Ginandes                                                  
Tonia   Grote                                                   
John    Imbiano                                                 
Joe     Karpel                                                  
Michael Kenny                                                   
Joel    Klein                                                   
Lawrence Kunin                                                  
Valerie Leis                                                    
Joann Minnett                                                   
Josh    Moreinis                                                        
Kieran Murray                                                   
Rissa    Nadelman                                                       
Charles Pfau                                                    
Lyn Roessler                                                    
Gary Rubin                                                      
Torie   Rubin                                                   
Chris   Rufus                                                   
Elise   Sasso                                                   
Cora    Sowa                                                    
John    Sowa                                                    
Ethel   Stein                                                   
Leo     Wiegman